Practical AI Ethics Program

The increasingly growing capabilities and presence of AI-based systems - not only in our every-day lives - raise questions about impact, governance, ethics, and accountability of this technology.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a widely misunderstood technology: In the general public and mass media, it inspires monstrous fears of conscious machines rising up and killing humanity. Unfortunately, these fantastical fears keep us from looking at the real ethical problems that have a real impact on people’s lives.

Organizations that want to build ethical AI systems need to go much further than these black box systems to ensure their autonomous decision makers meet their values.


Therefore we created the 2b AHEAD - Pratical AI Ethics Program. Make sure to read more about it in the presentation provided below.


08.07.2019 Practical AI Ethics Program

Every large or medium sized company which aims straight forward to use the enormous potential of machine learning based AI systems will have to come...

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