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The spectacular announcement of Facebook’s Libra Foundation has sent ripples not only through the world of financial services, where the libra stable coin promises individuals as well as enterprises a fantastically easy approach to international transactions and has attracted a large network of international tech and industry corporations to join this blockchain platform-based currency. Market shifts as the one promised by Facebook’s Libra or other Blockchain-based transaction systems, promise in the long term a vehicle for industrial and service corporations to transform their businesses, products, processes, partner networks - into the eco-systems of adaptive future economies.
The European economies hold the massive potential to grow innovative and valuable enterprises by exploiting the possibilities of the Blockchain – or, more accurately, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). New technological concepts can be established and get matured in Europe’s well-organized, well-developed and diverse industrial environment. Moreover, the EU ecosystem encourages innovative entrepreneurship promoting creativity as well as productivity and substantial value creation.
2b AHEAD has closely followed the development of DLT and crypto currencies for nearly a decade. But it has never been our goal to simply interpret economic developments of the future. “Tomorrowing your business” has always been an incentive for us to participate in changing the world and participating in the incubation of future business. We are proud to announce and wish to deliver a variety of DLT-related services that will be outlined in the following pages.

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